Christian Dior: The designer of dreams

Monsieur Dior is not just a designer…It’s a symbol and one of the most inspiring couturiers in the world. After the second world war Dior was the first fashion designer who brought femininity back to life. He reinvented femininity and he was the antidote for women in the post-war era…

From the bar jacket of 20th century to the tulle skirts and biker jackets of the 21st century…The evolution of Dior’s style is remarkable and spectacular…..

In February 2019, the V&A will open the largest exhibition ever staged in the UK. Spanning 1947 to the present day, this exhibition will travel us back to time from his first debut in 1947 up to today. The most important fashion designs of the 6 artistic directors who have succeeded will be exhibited and they will let us all admire them.

Within the 11 sections, which include “The New Look” (a focus on Dior’s famed Bar suit) and “The Dior Line” (the designer’s 10 defining looks from his 1947 and 1957 tenure at the house), will sit a new installation exploring the designer’s fascination with Britain. The curator Oriole Cullen will demonstrate through his work the great love and admiration that Dior had for British women. From Princess Margaret to the Hollywood stars in our pop culture  Dior remains an all time classic idea and symbol.

It is very interesting to note that in the upcoming exhibition at the V&A Dior’s superstitions will be explored. In particular Dior’s lucky star – an old metal token the designer found outside the British embassy in Paris will be displayed in the exhibition. “He spotted it just when he was being approached to set up his own house, saw it as a sign and retained it as a lucky charm throughout his life,” notes Cullen. Dior believed in signs and symbols and he was a deeply superstitious man.

Though the curation of 500 objects and transformation of the Sainsbury Gallery into the Dior world we all will be able to see the vast history of a man  who conquered the fashion world.

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